What Is Astragalus?

If you’ve been considering taking antioxidant liver detox supplements to help give yourself a bit of a health boost at the moment, you may well find that the ingredient list in your chosen product includes astragalus, a herb that’s been used for centuries in traditional Eastern medicine.

It’s not just a fun word to say - it’s also incredibly good for your immune system, so if you’ve been feeling a bit rundown or perhaps you’re keen to prioritise health and wellbeing because of the coronavirus crisis, looking for something with astragalus in it could well be a good move to make.

The root contains all sorts of plant compounds that can help support your immune system, protecting you against all sorts of viruses and bacteria - very important given the current situation.

It’s thought that it can help fight infections, as well as boasting all sorts of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties… 

It can also help keep your liver in fine fettle, with previous research finding that oral administration of astragalus root reduced the liver injury in mice, so if you’re worried about your liver health, a supplement like this could prove very useful indeed.

You can find astragalus in de-liver-ance, an antioxidant elixir designed to enhance your overall body health. The ingredients we’ve included have all been proven to help stimulate the liver’s natural processes - important when you think that this particular bodily organ has over 500 functions and we really need it to keep working properly!

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