The people behind de-liver-ance®

Equilibrium Labs is a company whose mission is to improve the health and well-being of every person on the planet.The Founder, Siggi Clavien, lost people in the past very close to him due to liver disease. He has since made it his life’s work to improve liver health for people across the globe. Siggi and his team’s knowledge and expertise in Biotechnology along with his passion for traditional herbal medicine, has helped to create the perfect blend of plants to improve liver health and overall well-being. 20 years of effort can now be found in each bottle of de-liver-ance®.

Our Founder's Vision

“Life is about movement, progression, and keeping your forward momentum. Living a healthy life is a conscious decision. We provide our customers with the encouragement, products, and knowledge to inspire them to incorporate healthy choices into everyday rituals, improving their well-being and overall life satisfaction.Inspiring and emotional messaging will resonate and encourage customers to live positively and move their lives towards a healthier way of being. Our product becomes a source of inspiration and a comprehensive resource for their lives. We encourage customers to keep their lives, their health, and their wellness on track in a positive direction. Now is the time to take ownership for your life. Be well, stay well and live well – it is your way forward’’