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Mother Nature knows best. So we looked to her when creating de-liver-ance.

Our unique formula combines cutting-edge molecular biology with natural herbs, roots and extracts which have been used in Traditional Herbal Medicine for over 5,000 years. 

de-liver-ance is an antioxidant elixir designed to enhance overall body health.  Our tried-and-tested formula includes ingredients which have been proven to help stimulate the liver’s natural processes. 

Whether you are looking for an immediate clarity boost, or you are looking to fortify your body's immune system, de-liver-ance will positively influence your entire state of being

Dr. Yadhu Rajalingam
Senior Consultant to the NHS, specialising in Critical Care Medicine and Anaesthetics at the Royal Free Hospital, London, UK


At the heart of de-liver-ance is a proprietary mixture of herbal extracts called Rizasalutem™. This name is derived from the Ancient Latin and Greek words meaning Roots and Source of Health. Rizasalutem™ includes:

AstragalusAstragalus Membranaceus

Astragalus contains flavonoids which act as antioxidants alongside vital Amino Acids. When combined in specific proportions with de-liver-ance’s other herbal ingredients, Astragalus can increase the body’s endurance and resistance to a wide array of physical, chemical, and biological stressors.

Red Sage (Salvia miltiorrhiza)

Salvia Miltiorrhiza works as an anti-inflammatory, has been shown to lower blood cholesterol and contains antibacterial properties. de-liver-ance contains a specific extract of Salvia Miltiorrhiza which is highly valued for its qualities in Traditional Herbal Medicine. When harvested with great care some 200 compounds can be extracted which show potential for therapeutic benefits.

Panax Ginseng (Panax ginseng)

de-liver-ance is made with a special extract of Ginseng. Ginseng means “human root” because of its shape, describing the traditional understanding that ginseng can support health across all aspects of the body. In Traditional Herbal Medicine, Ginseng has been shown to strengthen the Spleen, tonify the Stomach and - when combined with Poria - prevent stomach bloating


Honey has held a place as both a food and a medicine since ancient times. As a food, honey not only sweetens but also provides proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Studies have found honey to show anti–inflammatory and antioxidant activity.

Kudzu (Pueraria lobata)

Kudzu is widely used in Traditional Herbal Medicine. Kudzu is considered one of the 50 fundamental herbs thought to have therapeutic effects. de-liver-ance contains some parts of the kudzu vine for the beneficial properties of this important health promoting supplement.

Peppermint (Mentha piperita)

Peppermint is a significant ingredient in de-liver-ance for its wonderful natural mint and menthol flavours, as well as beneficial properties. Peppermint has several possible therapeutic applications and the oil and leaves have a pleasant cooling effect. Its flavonoids act as antioxidants, and it also contains Luteolin-7-glucoside which is an anti-inflammatory.

Poria (Wolfiporia cocos)

Poria is a mushroom that was used in ancient times as a treatment for various conditions. In Traditional Herbal Medicine, it is believed that Poria strengthens the Spleen and calms the spirit. 

The Poria in de-liver-ance is very carefully derived and balanced to combine with other extracts to support its beneficial qualities.

Rehmannia (Rehmannia glutinosa)

Rehmannia is commonly combined with other herbs in Traditional Herbal Medicine and is rich in amino acids. It acts to nourish the kidneys and the blood.

(Ecklonia Cava)

“Seanol” is a trade name for natural complexes of unique marine molecules which originate from a seaweed that flourishes in the sea surrounding Korea. The unique structures of this seaweed endow it with properties which are not found in standard seaweed, such as supporting healthy circulation, providing antioxidant protection.

Siberian Solomon’s Seal (Polygonatum)

Siberian Solomon’s Seal has been used for thousands of years in Traditional Herbal Medicine. It is believed that it is restorative to mental vitality, especially when the mind has been overworked, overstressed, or is in a state of exhaustion.

Turmeric (Curcuma longa)

Turmeric has been used for thousands of years due to its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. In Traditional Herbal Medicine, it is used to 'clear heat' and invigorate the blood

White Atractylodes (Atractylodes macrocephala)

White Atractylodes is one of the most commonly used herbs in Traditional Herbal Medicine. It is commonly used to treat physical and mental fatigue, diarrhea, edema, dizziness and vomiting. In Traditional Herbal Medicine, white atractylodes is used as a qi tonic, and to support the functions of the kidney, bladder and digestive system.

Artemisia (Artemisia capillaris Thunb)

In Traditional Herbal Medicine, Artemisia is often prescribed to aid digestion. Combined with the other ingredients in de-liver-ance, it can soothe any tricky tummy issues.

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