I am a 37 year old, full time British military soldier of 20 years and still serving. As my role is still very active health & fitness is very important to me and being in peak performance physically and mentally allows me and my comrades to better succeed in all our tasks. However I work in a “work hard, Play hard” culture and therefore let my hair down on occasions. I first started using DELIVERANCE in 2015 for a post partying detox, and was blown away and quite surprised at how well it worked at preventing a headaches and nausea and allowing me to "feel normal" again sooner than expected. From that day forward I made sure I had some of my new secret weapon for similar occasions. I began using DELIVERANCE on a weekly basis for general liver health and realised that if I take it before the gym or before a meeting I felt significantly more mentally focused. The more I read about superfoods and general health, the more I realise how amazing DELIVERANCE is as a product. I literally take it to everywhere I go around the world, it is my little comfort blanket. I would highly recommend the product to anyone for general health or as a detox from “indulging evenings”.
– R C